Business support


Business Support

Faced with ultra-competitive IT integrators, the company that initiates SAP integration projects often faces organizational and methodological challenges. The factors of these difficulties could be summarized as follows:

- Lack of experience in conducting and managing IT projects.
- Underestimating the effort required to transmit rules to the integrator and to control its deliveries.
- Poor delineation of the responsibilities of each actor.
- Requirement to learn SAP concepts in a short time and sometimes to use consultant jargon.

The success of each phase of the project depends on the cohesion of the internal and external teams and the coordination of their respective activities. Cost control and achievement of objectives depend on the level of preparation and organization of each stage.

Kartosa offers a comprehensive approach to assist in the conduct of such a project covering every phase:

Preparation of the project:
– Studying and mapping existing systems and processes
– Requirements formalization in the specification
– White paper drafting
– Risk identification and prioritization
– Estimated internal expenses for each phase

– Internal project team organization and business planning
– Coordination with the integrator
– Solution compliance check (consistency and completeness)
– Follow-up of deliverables and validation assistance.

Project realization:
– Follow-up on the implementation progress
– Quality control of developments (configuration, programs)
– Writing test scenarios with a vertical view of the processes
– User Training

– Team organization recipe
– Planning Revenue Activities
– Tracking of Defect Sheets and Change Control

Deployment to production
– definition of the start-up scenario
– Quality control of data recovery (extractions, loads)
– Process initialization support (Ensures continuity of services)

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