e-Payslip, paperless payslips in SAP!

Your paperless payroll, an eco-friendly solution that eliminates printing and postage costs.

Simplicity for you and freedom for your employees

Bulletin de paie dématérialisé véhicule une image moderne et dynamique de l’entreprise, qui s’inscrit dans votre démarche de digitalisation. Fort de son expérience dans l’édition de solutions dans SAP, KARTOSA propose l’offre de bulletins de paie éditable en PDF sous Adobe. Cela permet un gain considérable sur les coûts  de la distribution, de l’impression et bien plus.

Our clarified and detailed payslip templates are easily adaptable to customer needs and allow for easier set-up and maintenance than the traditional newsletter.

What could be better than the payslip as a means of communication for the company? The first and last document sent to the employee reflects the seriousness and care taken in the management of the staff.

SAP technology has long provided an efficient and efficient solution for data extraction and formatting of all types of payroll and time management forms.

Our solution for French payroll allows us to offer the editing or saving of forms that are fully compliant with the specifications of the clarified slip and the requirements of the Direct Debit.  These statutory standards specify the positions and sizes of most of the published information.

With a more ergonomic and aesthetic design, the Adobe form gives the possibility to insert directly the logo of your company in the form header and offers a wide choice of colors that allows either to respond to the visual identity of your company, apply dedicated colours to your pay stub.

Our customers have lowered their printing costs and their distribution management costs!

As implementations progress, we have developed a range of forms that allow us to optimize the representation of absences, either in a calendar or in a secondary list, allowing us to reduce the number of lines and thus the number of pages edited. The vast majority of the newsletters published on our forms are on one page.

Simple to implement, our solution inherits the existing configuration and adapts quickly to the specificities of each customer.

The integration of logos and a wide choice of colors, fonts, and framing shapes allow you to customize the payslips to the closest to the applicable graphic charters.

Our solution also includes an interface to send product bulletins directly to a safe-A strong electronic base, thus contributing to the increasing dematerialization of HR documents and thereby reducing the company’s ecological footprint.

Our solution is certified by the market’s leading electronic safe offerings and can adapt with ease to any other solution.

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