SAP Gestion des temps PT

SAP - Gestion des temps PT


We have developed techniques and solutions for each of the payroll management processes throughout each project. KARTOSA apporte dans ce domaine une réelle valeur ajoutée.

Pay systems impose challenges on pay systems by having complex and unstable legislation. With the ongoing transformation of the administration, which is increasingly encouraging electronic exchanges and the dematerialization of declarations, KARTOSA maintains a permanent legal and technological awareness enabling its customers to anticipate changes and prepare for them in the best possible conditions.

Our in-depth knowledge of the SAP HCM system architecture and our cross-cutting vision of its modules enable our versatile teams to make the most of their integration capabilities to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

Beyond the processes traditionally implemented for time and payroll management, our efforts are focused on integrating extensions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Thus, the management of a business savings plan, a time savings account, partial unemployment, or even a therapeutic half-time find in our catalog a proven solution that meets all the legal and technical requirements.

As a specialist in payroll reporting, KARTOSA helps its customers to control and make their legal statements reliable while containing the costs of maintenance and operation of the systems.

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